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Oh how I’ve failed you rules of Cover to Cover; not only did I buy the out of print Pastry edition of Alain Ducasse Le Grand Livre de Cuisine as my birthday present, I got the Adriano Zumbo cookbook as a present, and now I have Darren Purchese’s Sweet Studio on pre-order for November.

Oh dear, I’ve broken my own rules 1+0.5+0.5 times. Sweet Studio starts moving my way in 150 days, cramp in work, sleep, finding a new job and more, to blast through 8,000 pages (unverified figure) for a slow reader like me.

11 June 2012    Reblog    
Project Cover to Cover: Origins

So here was my new year’s resolution for 2011, I made a resolution to not buy any cookbooks until I have read all the cookbooks that are mine. Well I did manage to fulfill that resolution…but not in the ideal manner. In that I didn’t buy any new cookbooks for the whole of 2011, but that was because I really didn’t actually get to set aside time to read the books. So before the cookbook, Alain Ducasse’s Grand Livre de Cuisine: Pastries and Desserts I love to own falls deeper out of print, I need to get Project Cover to Cover rolling.

I am not exactly sure how the format of this blog will be like; I’m shying away from doing a day by day, page by page coverage of the books I’m working my way thought my collection; as of today I’m leaning towards highlights of the book I’m on for each post.

Now onto picking the first victim for Cover to Cover…